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Clients & Employers include

Albany FilmFest
Albany Fire Department
Albany Unified School District
American Forest Foundation
Bay Area Council
Bay Area Open Space Council
Berkeley High School Development Group
Berkeley Unified School District
Cain Brothers Investment Bankers
California State Coastal Conservancy
California Public Employee Relations Program at UC Berkeley
California Ski Company
Carmichael Salon
Chronicle Books
City of Berkeley
The County Connection / Contra Costa County Transit Association
Developmental Studies Center
Earth Island Institute
Goldman Environmental Fund
Hambrecht Vineyards
Hospitality House
Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy
Jaffa Orange Photography
Jossey-Bass Publishers
Julie Holcomb Printers
Kara Sorensen Acupunture
Kjos Music Company Publishers
Marilyn Burns Education Associates
Measures I & J Campaign
Metallica / So What!
Michele Schaal Gardens
Mother Jones Magazine
National Toxics Campaign
North Fork Press
Oakland Tribune
Public Media Center
The Rodder’s Journal
San Francisco Examiner (Hearst)
San Francisco Newspaper Agency
San Francisco Sheriff’s Department
San Francisco Water Department
Santa Clara County Open Space Authority
SchoolCARE Foundation
Shaklee Corporation
S. H. Cowell Foundation
Sierra Club
Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project
String Letter Publishing
Synergy School
Tulip Hardwood Floors
United States Leasing Corporation
Walker & Company Publishers